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The U.S. Department of Energy, has stated that more than 10% of all energy use in the country is attributed to the condition of building envelopes. Buildings waste energy through gaps and cracks on the envelope construction and could be costing their owners up to 40% more in heating and 15% in cooling costs due to uncontrolled air filtration. These leaks could occur all throughout the building -- at roof/wall joints, doors, windows, roof level changes, electrical outlets and elsewhere.

The solution is an air barrier audit to identify where leaks occur, and an air barrier system to control those leaks.

Your facility may also require a continuous air barrier to comply with local building code requirements



We take all the roofing worry out of your daily operations so you can concentrate in income producing activities.

By choosing our team to help, you make more money, because we are more efficient and cost effective.   There is no magic, we are the local experts and we do the right thing all the time. 

Get help reaching ZERO land fill contribution and lower your carbon foot print, this is real sustainability. Lower the cost of managing building envelope assets through a proactive life cycle cost approach. Get facility management partner that can rely on and trust.


Eng. Francisco R Mirandes.  BSME

“We look at every roof as it was ours, no excuses.”

Experienced Engineer Building Envelope Roof Consultant in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico Islands USA With more than 20 years’ experience in Roof Asset Management Programs in Hurricane Alley , exceeding 100 million square feet of combined roofing and waterproofing inventory Francisco goal is not just to sell products but instead to help deliver value added projects. Contact me:



  • Roof Consulting, Building Envelope Planning and Programming, Project Manual Development, Vegetated Roofing, Photovoltaics, Parking Decks, all traditional low slope and steep slope roofing systems expertise (built up, modified, single ply, fluid, metal, foam, tile, and shingle), expertise in repairs, restoration and replacement solutions based on matching life cycle costing options with client needs.

We help our clients develop, plan and execute cost effective facility management plans through a consistent delivery process which in turn allows us to develop long term partnership client relationships in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico Islands, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico Islands.

With us, you can get a facility management partner that you can rely on and trust. It is because of this value proposition and our consistent ability to deliver this value proposition, that we have been able to develop and maintain long term relationships with several well recognized Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico Islands and National clients.

We work closely with building owners, contractors, and design professionals in all commercial, industrial and institutional industry categories.


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